Decisions Will Come and Go

Many doors along a wall represent many decision

Think about all of decisions you have to make. These decisions can vary in size. They can be small, such as what to have for breakfast. They can be medium-sized…what should I call my business? or what should my logo look like? They can be big, such as should I change my career? These decisions can take up so much headspace.

What is the right decision? With so many thoughts put into important decisions, there is often a feeling of anxiety about these decisions and what they may mean for your future.

Fear spelled out with scrabble pieces. Fear can inhibit decisions.

Serve you Future Self

Think of your future self. Once you decide and move on, the feeling of anxiety leaves. You have effectively moved the decision into your past. After the decision is made, you may realize it was actually a small decision. The further away you get from it, the easier it is to see that.

These decisions are going to come and go. They will become part of your past and no longer feel big.

Making decisions come from books and exploring ideas

Just moving with that rhythm is called risk taking. It is being okay with the feeling of “uh oh, is this the right decision?”

Go forward, make that decision, move on, go to the next thing and be willing to make a mistake. You are building on the little choices and expecting that they will come is part of the journey of making something amazing happen.

Faith in Growing Seed

Move Through Feelings of Uncertainty

This is how life plays out. These things will continue to happen. We all have to move through the feelings of uncertainty that our decisions may not be right. This is part of the journey.

I have felt this in so many ways. Now that I am on the future side of so many decisions, it is getting easier. I feel less anxious about the multitude of decisions that authors have to make. This is not an easy process and it takes one decision at a time.

Kaban Board showing progress on a project and making decisions

Focus on Progress

I am feeling good about my progress. I have decided on the name of my publishing company, Citrus Press. Limelight Designs design my logo and I love it. I selected an amazing illustrator, Daniel Wlodarski. My book, The Boy Who Burped, is designed and ready for uploading.

There is more to do, and I am determined to do it. I will make one decision at a time. The decisions will come and go and I enjoy the challenge of the journey.

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