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The Feels Before Opening…

I just received a text notification that my Kirkus book review for The Boy Who Burped is complete. Kirkus Reviews are considered a trade review and recognized as an authority in all that is books.

I looked around to see if anyone was as excited as me, then realized no one even knew the news I received, much less what feelings were overwhelming me. The feelings were mostly excitement, but also riddled with anxiety. Did they like my book? Did it make them laugh? Will the review help bring me the credibility I seek?

Choose a rating from negative to positive. Looking for a 5 starred review!

Loooooong ago when I received my ACT score in high school, I put the unopened envelope in my closet on the top shelf. This strategy of fear did nothing but put off the inevitable news. Before going to college, that envelope needed to be opened with the contents spilled out…regardless of the results.

I can’t remember how long that ACT envelope sat on the shelf, but I do remember that I only told my parents that score. I don’t remember what it was, I am sure it was nothing more than average. Truthfully, it didn’t impact my future.

Like taking an ACT test, a great Kirkus Review will accelerate my book.

Returning to the present and knowing I have an inherent fear of failure, I decided to sit and write to pump up my positivity and create a growth mindset. I am playing “This is Me” from the Greatest Showman and letting that inspire me to read the review and accept any criticism or praise.

Confidence in the future and what it will bring with a positive Kirkus Review.

Kirkus Review

“A junk food–loving family learns the value of eating healthy and getting exercise in this picture book debut.

The Everyday family prefers being inside to exercising outdoors. Brother loves video games and chocolate; Sister eats
candy and plays with her phone all day; Momma watches TV while eating ice cream; and Daddy spends the day on his
computer, drinking soda. Their habits lead to embarrassing noises: Brother burps, Sister sneezes, Momma hiccups, and
Daddy “toots.” One day, the whole family seems zombielike. Brother, who feels isolated, turns to the family dog for
companionship, and they spend the day outside. Afterward, Brother drinks water, eats a healthy dinner, and is surprised
how good he feels—and that he has no more burps. . . .Lewis’ over-the-top characterization of the Everyday family will make young readers giggle. Brother’s agency shows that even the youngest family members can help turn a family’s problems around. It’s simplistic but effectively bolsters the overt message. . . .Wlodarski’s large-headed, big-eyed full-color cartoon figures, and their body-function sound effects, amp up the comedy.

A goofy, gassy tale with an obvious but important moral.”

-Kirkus Review

You can read the full review here on the Kirkus Reviews website. Seeing my book on a website other than my own makes it more real!

Success with a hot air balloon floating in the air higher and higher, just like a Kirkus Review will do with my book.

The Feels of After Opening…

I am really happy with the review! What more could a first time children’s book author ask for but honesty and encouragement? I knew that 80% of the review would be a synopsis and I enjoy reading that from an outsider’s perspective.

The other 20% of the review gives me all the good feelings of knowing I am on the right track in writing and publishing. 

Overjoyed to be on the right path. Girl running in meadow holding a pinwheel.

What comes after Kirkus Reviews?

My courage in publishing was bolstered again when a Kirkus Author Consultant contacted me to say that my review will be featured in their Dec 15th, 2022 Kirkus Reviews issue.

With a big congratulations, she mentioned that less than 10% of Indie Authors are selected for this privilege. This puts me in a great position for getting in front of librarians and brick and mortar bookstores as a viable book to include on their shelves. #goals

Make Things Happen sticky note on bulletin board. Kirkus Reviews are only one part of publishing.

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  1. Julie Vasquez Avatar
    Julie Vasquez

    Wow! Super impressed with the review! Well done!

    1. Beth Avatar

      Thank you! Your support in my publishing journey has been a lifeline!

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