About Me


I am a dietitian, wife and mom. I also love to read and write books.

“Reading will open your mind to a new world.”

Laugh along the way of life.

I work as a hospital dietitian and love it. For over 20 years I have helped nourish others back from illness. I know the importance of eating well and moving more. I am not a mom expert, but have 8 years of experience making lunches, reading books and fostering independence.

I started Citrus Press to self-publish my first children’s book, The Boy Who Burped, in March 2023.

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Lunches Made


Picture Books Read


Energy Spent

🍏 Passion for Healthy Kids and Family Nutrition

Welcome to my world of nurturing healthy habits in the most precious members of our families – our children. I’m, Beth a children’s book author, and a dedicated advocate for promoting wholesome nutrition and active lifestyles.

📚 Storytelling with a Purpose

I’ve been on a mission to make a lasting impact on young minds by weaving the essential themes of eating well and moving more into the enchanting narratives of my children’s books. I believe that education and inspiration are powerful tools in shaping lifelong habits, and my stories are designed to do just that.

🍱 Two Decades of Practical Experience

Beyond the pages of my books, I’ve spent years in the trenches, meticulously crafting nutritious and delicious meals. It’s been a journey of discovery, learning, and experimentation. I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of healthy eating habits firsthand.