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  • Imposter Syndrome is Real

    Previously, I would say that my mindset could use a heaping scoop of improvement. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I had said a 5-gallon bucket-worth of mindset adjustment. I realize I limit myself with fears of failure, feeling like a fraud and concern with how others might perceive my efforts.  As I have pondered these self-limiting…

  • Kirkus Reviews

    Kirkus Reviews

    Reading my Kirkus Review was riddled both with nerves and excitement. I feel encouraged as a first time author that others will also enjoy my book.

  • Decisions Will Come and Go

    Think about all of decisions you have to make. These decisions can vary in size. They can be small, such as what to have for breakfast. They can be medium-sized…what should I call my business? or what should my logo look like? They can be big, such as should I change my career? These decisions…

  • I Gave Her Words

    I Gave Her Words

    As a hospital dietitian, I visit patients with a variety of medical conditions. Some of these patients suffer from multiple challenges. On one occasion, I assessed a woman who had reconstructive bowel surgery. Because of the rerouting that took place during the surgery, she needed to change what she would eat after leaving the hospital.…

  • When Life Gives You Lemons