The Boy Who Burped – Paperback


A burping boy. A family with quirks. Will their love for chocolate, candy, ice cream and soda burden them forever?


Children’s books about nutrition are uncommon, but needed for sharing important topics with our children. When humor is included, the story comes alive and brings on giggles and laughter!


Brother’s burping plague is matched only by his sister’s continued hiccups, momma’s sneezes and daddy’s toots. He learns that his love of chocolate and lack of movement has caused the constant belching. His family member’s other ailments are also associated with crazy food habits and inactivity – each has an electronic device they cannot live without. As he makes changes, inspired by his dog Peppy, Brother encourages his family to eat new foods and get moving. With this, and the extra family time, they are all feeling much better – especially without the bothersome burps, hiccups, sneezes and toots!

Who is this book for?

This book is for any parent, grandparent or kid who appreciates a good joke. If laughing helps you cope with the many stresses in life and you don’t take anything too seriously, you will enjoy reading this story. As a lighthearted read, your young one will wonder if everyday choices could really cause such absurd ailments. If you want to help your kids understand the importance of eating healthy and moving more, this book is for you and your family. With a common thread of making family time a priority and laughing along the way, your child will select this book again and again!

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