Read Books

Connecting with your child through picture books is an amazing way to share an important message. Having children’s books about nutrition in the home can encourage healthy discussions.

Let the Magic Begin!

Reading aloud with a child has clear benefits. Not only does cognition improve, but reading develops character. Children need many opportunities to learn social and emotional intelligence and picture books are a gold mine of options.

Check out this post from The Reading Foundation for more tips on reading with your child. They have excellent resources for reading with young ones.

Here I am sharing a collection of my favorite picture books. Because all children have unique needs, I hope you will find something that your child will enjoy.

Food Fun

Few books bring humor and food to the same table, but I love these!

Picky Eaters

Advice on this topic is the most sought after question I hear about kids nutrition. My top three recommendations are to first, include foods you know your child enjoys alongside new foods.

Second, count any exposure as a win. Getting the food on the plate counts. To touch, smell, or lick also counts. A no-pressure approach, for yourself and your child, will make mealtime more pleasant. Food fights at the table rarely end in a less-picky child.

Third, use positive words about food choices. Encourage trying new foods and if your child decides they don’t like it, respond with, “Maybe you’ll like it next time.” Using this phrase can help set up the next experience with that new food. Accepting new food can take up to 10 exposures, just wait a few days between food discoveries.

Encouraging Healthy Choices

Simply having books in the home that encourage healthy eating can make a difference for sparking kids interest in choosing these foods.

All Food is Welcome

Food is meant to be enjoyed. Having a healthy relationship with food starts at a young age. This is precisely why I do not define foods as good or bad. Navigating this can be challenging for parents, but overall, guilt should not have a place at the table.

Food Facts

Knowing that food has a function within our bodies can help kids better understand why we eat what we do. Between macros, minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and fluids, sharing the science behind it all can be an exciting lesson to learn.

Board Books

These are mean to be colorful and chewed, nutritional value negligible.

Kids Cookbooks

Simple instructions and colorful illustrations are a key for encouraging kids to get in the kitchen. They will need supervision at first, but with practice this skill can evolve to independence.

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