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Podcast Debut

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Unveiling the Adventures of Recording and Reaching New Audiences!

Hey there, fellow podcast enthusiasts! Today, I’m excited to share my thrilling journey of diving headfirst into the world of podcasting. Initially, my nerves to hitting the record button were on edge. Luckily, I discovered that this extraordinary experience was professional, yet enjoyable! I recorded my book, The Boy Who Burped, for the new and upcoming podcast, Car Life With Kids. You can check out my podcast debut here!

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“Wait, do I really sound like that?”

We’ve all been there—listening to our own voice and cringing a bit. But let me tell you something: you’re not alone! My journey began with recording a test snippet, and I must admit, hearing my voice played back was a tad bit unnerving. Was it too high-pitched or too monotone? Was I truly cut out for podcasting? I moved forward with the adage that “Practice makes perfect!”

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Practice, Practice, Practice!

I quickly realized that it’s not about having the “perfect” voice, but about bringing my authentic self to the microphone. So, with renewed determination, I took a deep breath, and after a few takes, I felt more at ease. As I gained confidence, my words flowed naturally, and the initial awkwardness faded away.

The good news is, I didn’t have to be a one-take wonder! I didn’t shy away from retakes and edits; they are part of the podcasting process. I did my initial recordings in my home office, but that proved to be an echo chamber. Grabbing my laptop and microphone, I headed to my bedroom and recorded the book sitting on my bed. Even the most seasoned podcasters had to start somewhere! It’s all part of learning a new skill.

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Are you curious to know how I did? Click here to check out my reading of The Boy Who Burped.

Podcast Light-Heartedness

One of the biggest revelations during this first podcasting venture was the beauty of a light-hearted approach. Sure, my manuscript is pre-done, but I still injected some personality. I still needed to engage my listeners and making them feel like they’re having a chat with an old friend. I did this at the end while introducing myself.

Listeners tune in because they want to connect on a personal level. Being myself, relaxing, and letting my passion for my book shine through was definately important.

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Gateway to New Audiences

My hope with recording my book for this podcast is to reach new audiences. Podcasting has seen a meteoric rise in recent years, and there’s a good reason for it! These audio gems offer a unique and convenient way for people to consume content while on the go. Podcasts are listened to everywhere by your audience, from commuting to household chores. Car Life with Kids was designed with road trips in mind. Their theme is that every ride should be a page turner!

I hope my story transcends geographical boundaries and is accessible to a global audience. Podcast algorithms suggest content based on user interests, which can bring new listeners to my book. Win win!

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Embrace the Adventure!

I want to encourage anyone thinking of being a guest on a podcast to embrace the adventure! Sure, it might feel nerve-wracking initially, but the rewards are immeasurable. Don’t worry about the number of takes or the “perfect” voice—what truly matters is your passion, authenticity, and the connection you build with your audience.

Remember, the journey of a thousand listens begins with the first record button press. So, check out my recording of The Boy Who Burped. Take a leap, have fun, and embark on an exciting podcasting journey at Car Life With Kids on your next ride! 🎙️

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