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  • Podcast Debut
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    Podcast Debut

    Unveiling the Adventures of Recording and Reaching New Audiences! Hey there, fellow podcast enthusiasts! Today, I’m excited to share my thrilling journey of diving headfirst into the world of podcasting. Initially, my nerves to hitting the record button were on edge. Luckily, I discovered that this extraordinary experience was professional, yet enjoyable! I recorded my…

  • Intuitive Eating for Kids

    Are you tired of constantly worrying about your child’s eating habits? Do you want them to grow up with a healthy relationship with food? Intuitive eating for kids is a great way to help them develop a positive and intuitive relationship with food. What is Intuitive Eating? First things first, let’s talk about what intuitive…

  • Eat the Rainbow
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    Eat the Rainbow

    It’s National Nutrition Month, and what better time to start teaching your kids about the importance of healthy eating habits? Eat the rainbow is a simple method to help focus your efforts by choosing a variety of colors in your foods. We all know it’s important to eat a balanced diet, but how do we…

  • Foodie Fun

    Foodie Fun

    When 5pm comes around at my house, opening the fridge and deciding what is for dinner is a dreaded task. The worst phrase I hear is “Mom, what’s for dinner?” Can someone else answer this question for me?